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This Weeks Update 21/03/22

Your Ultimate Guide to what's happening locally at The Social Action Hub

Our weekly updates cover everything you need to know about what's been happening and what's coming up.

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Advocating Change, Supporting the Vulnerable, Empowering Community Action



Rainworth Youth Club runs until 30th March / Blidworth Youth Club runs until 28th March

Easter Playscheme starts 4th April - 14th April.


The Social Supermarket 10am-2pm

Blidworth Youth Club 4:30pm-6:30pm


The Social Supermarket 10am-2pm

C-CARD enrollment 3pm-4pm


The Social Supermarket 4pm-7pm

Rainworth Youth Club 4:30pm-6:30pm


The Social Supermarket 10am-2pm

Special thanks for all the recent donations made by:

-Maureen Garner

-Robert Griffin

-Liz Hoggard

What have we been up to?

  • The Sherwood Voices project is coming into place, directed by Andy Barrett. We have started recording audio stories from local people who have amazing stories to tell about the history of Rainworth. All of these stories will be transferred into an audio to listen to while walking along a planned route. I'm sure the finishing product will be an educational masterpiece.

  • We have completed & posted the Easter Playscheme timetable, which is on our Rainworth & Blidworth Youth Club & Playscheme Facebook page. There are 2 trips available to book:

    • Tuesday 5th April - Go Ape for ages 6+ £15 pp

    • Tuesday 12th April - Willow Tree Farm £15 pp

  • We launched our monthly Social Eating event, where Vicky from secret kitchen came in and prepared some Sheppard's pie for us all. Marsha from Coventry university came to talk about the study running throughout the project and why this is in place. The project is aiming to tackle isolation & loneliness by providing affordable hot meals, as well as teaching people how to eat on a budget.

  • The Big Bike Revival has come to an end, having it's last bike ride on 19th March. The project was focusing on the health & wellbeing of our community. Sessions teach people all sorts of useful information such as bike repairs, road safety, and even the basics of learning how to ride a bike. Thank you to Ross & Cole for preparing each lesson and delivering this information to the attendees.

  • Our skate park project will be up & running in June / July. James form imageskool will be working with over 12's to create artwork for the Rainworth skatepark next to our building, which will then be spray painted onto the ramps.

  • Our staff/volunteers are completing a customer service course this week with Jane from workpays to achieve a qualification to assist us all with delivering a higher customer service standard across our whole provision.

  • Local people & our partners are currently arranging our spring litter pick! More updates will be coming soon.


Our Mission: The Social Action Hub brings people together by organising social action projects and delivering services that make a difference to our local community. We meet the needs of the local community and provide a wide range of services to vulnerable adults, families and children; - with learning difficulties or disabilities - experiencing loneliness and isolation or mental health issues - experiencing financial hardship & food poverty - relationship difficulties with friends or family - looking for work, further education or training and volunteering - support and advocacy to access other support services Our Vision: The Social Action Hub creates and inspires community action that addresses social concerns of our time, for our local communities and supports the development of these activities in three ways:

  • Empowering & supporting individuals of all ages to learn, develop, grow and contribute to society

  • Addressing social and environmental issues that affect our communities

  • Fundraising and partnership working with local good causes to make a bigger impact

List of Projects and Services

Foodshare & The Social Supermarket Fighting Food Poverty & Reducing Food Waste Team Foodshare Rainworth, Blidworth and Surrounding areas was set up in 2017 by the Registered Charity the Social Action Hub in response to the growing need to support local communities who are suffering from food poverty AND to tackle the ever growing food waste that is both frustrating and needless. We set about combining these two issues to create a Foodshare & Community Fridge Scheme. - Shops & local people donate items to our foodstore they no longer need or are able to stock on their shelves - Anyone can collect! You might want to help us tackle the food waste by collecting perishable items from us, such as bread, fruit and vegetables, that are on or near their use by or best before date. Or you might find this weeks bills are making the budgeting tight and popping in and collecting for yourself or friends or family might just make yours, or someone else’s day 💕 Our emergency Food parcels are available every day. Our Social Supermarket is open: Monday 10am-2pm Tuesday 10am-2pm Wednesday 4-7 Thursday 10am-2pm.

Find out more:

Rainworth & Blidworth Youth Club & Playscheme

We provide high quality active learning and play sessions for children over 5, at excellent value for money, with discounts for families who have a NHS exemption certificate.

Please check our FACEBOOK PAGE to see the most up to date details on current sessions.

Find out more:

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