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Charity Re-fresh & Re-brand

I'm so very proud and pleased to announce that we've changed our charity name to the Social Action Hub.

The Detached Youth Project was set up in 1994 in response to the changing needs of young people in Rainworth and Blidworth following the closure of the Pits.

2019 sees us celebrating our 25th Year!

At the beginning of this year we began a journey into re-developing our services to meet the needs of the community we serve.

We re-named and re-shaped our under 12's provision, which is now called Huubbub's and held an open day and the Easter Playscheme, both of which we received great feedback about.

We launched our brand new over 13's provision, called The Tree House Project alongside the Rainworth & Blidworth Youth Board.

We will be growing our community learning provision this year, offering local people the opportunity to develop life skills and work skills and gain qualifications.

We will be continuing to run our Foodshare scheme, fighting food poverty and preventing food waste.

All of these services have their own pages, so pleases like and share these for updates.

We agreed with the Parish Council to take some specific responsibilities for the skate park, for it's upkeep and for liaising with the public about the activities and behaviour of children on the park, and we are looking forward to working with the parish council and police more closely on this to make it a safer and more inviting place to socialise and play.

Supporting children and young people with positive life choices still remains at the heart of what we do, with broader aims of supporting our local community's growing needs.

We have a fantastically supportive board of trustees and a wonderful team of motivated, experienced and qualified staff and volunteers who are all focused on providing services and projects that will support these villages and the surrounding areas for the next 25 year... at least!

Many thanks to all of the preset and past staff, volunteers and trustees who have supported our work over the last 25 years, we couldn't have achieved such a lasting impact without your commitment and hard work.

And a special thank you to you guys - our community, the people that support our work, share our posts, come to the centre and engage in our work.

Here is the link to our new website to find out

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