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Zero Waste Kitchen and Chatty Café

With a rapidly growing global population, our very existence as humans is generating unprecedented levels of waste. One actionable thing we can all do to reduce our impact is to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle, starting with a zero-waste kitchen.

The phrase “zero-waste”, also known as “low waste”, “minimal waste”, and “no waste”, is used to describe the process of reducing waste down to nothing. 

The Social Action Hub launched the Zero Waste Kitchen in April 2023,



Zero Waste Kitchen aims to:


  • reduce food waste

  • provide education and skills in sustainable living and eating

  • provide low cost nutritional meals to support the most vulnerable.

Zero Waste Kitchen Targets:

What is The Chatty Café?

Opening times: 12pm - 2pm Every Thursday during term time.

Closed: During School Holidays 

The Chatty Café Scheme is the leading non-profit organisation tackling loneliness.

Anyone can attend the Chatty Café.  You can reserve a table online or just pop in 

We offer four services, all designed with an aim to reduce loneliness and/or social isolation. They include;

  • ‘Chatter & Natter’ tables, where customers can get together and chat, hosted by Chatty Table Volunteers.

  • Delicious nutritional meals and snacks, with unlimited refills on tea, coffee and squash.