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Empowering those in need through hands-on charitable projects

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

We all hate the feeling of throwing food away, especially when we know it’s still delicious and perfectly edible, which is why we launched our Foodshare Community Fridge Scheme for Rainworth, Blidworth and Surrounding areas. Our service is designed to reduce food waste locally and fight food poverty, in equal measure.

- Shops & Local People donate items to our food-store they no longer need or are able to stock on their shelves

- Anyone can collect!

You might want to help us tackle the food waste by collecting perishable items from us, such as bread, fruit and vegetables, that are on or near their use by or best before date. Or you might find this weeks bills are making the budgeting tight and popping in and collecting for yourself, friends or family might just make your day or someone else’s 💕

We are open during the Term Term Wednesday and Thursday 12pm - 4pm. We are closed during the School Holidays.

Our service is not means tested, you do not have to be in receipt of benefits, we don’t need proof of income - We are open to all.

We do not deliver.

Our Donors are:

- Co-op - Asda - Tesco - Sainsburys - Milk and More (Local Milk Man Alan)

Our Partners are:

- Fareshare - Cambridge Close OAP's Group - Rainworth Pétanque Club - Newark and Sherwood Homes - Sherwood Forest Food Bank - Rainworth Youth Club & Playscheme

If you would like to find out more, please call 01623 490498 or email

Sharing is Caring

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