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Chad Awards 2023 Blog Post

The Social Action Hub wins the Sustainability Award 2023

On Thursday 30th November 2023 The Social Action Hub attended the Chad Business Excellence Awards 2023 and we WON the Sustainability Award!!

The judges decided that our work around sustainability deserved an award. We're over the moon! Well done team!

Well done to all the other nominees & winners. We had a fabulous night celebrating with them.

We'd like to share with you the work we have been doing in the past year around sustainability and preventing food waste.

The Social Action Hub re-distribute surplus food, that's headed for landfill. Through our Social Supermarkt we've provided over 20,000 meals, saving 81,900kg of food from going to landfill sites in the past year. That’s almost 82 tonnes which is more than the weight of 40 elephants.

We have calculated Volunteers have collectively volunteered across all services 1,144 hours in The Social Supermarket & Chatty Cafe & 2,600 hours of driving to collect donations in their spare time to support our mission in the past year!

Last year, we opened the UK’s first Youth Community Fridge, which offers free food for young people.

We utilise surplus food for our Chatty Cafe too which provides a warm space, free food & drinks each week.

Preventing food waste doesn’t stop at The Social Supermarket. We have animal food bins for any bread, pastries, fruit, and vegetables that is no longer fit for human consumption, free to take for any local farm owners to feed to their animals such as Old Hall Farm, Wheelgate and White Post Farm.

Thank You!

Of course, all of this couldn't be possible without our supporters!

Thanks to our volunteers, local stores, donors and Fareshare, we are meeting our aim of preventing food waste from going to landfill.

Thank you to our beneficiaries, funders & donors, and our volunteers for keeping our services running and making it possible to set up new projects for the community. We are forever grateful for your consistent support, you are truly heroes!

Words from The Social Action Hub Team

"We had an amazing time! The photo booth was so fun, we got some great pictures that capture the memorable night. It was emotional to win, as I know all of our team and volunteers work extremely hard, so it's amazing to have the recognition! Hopefully this could open more opportunities for us to develop more work around sustainability."

-Daisy Dady

"The most magical night, where we got to celebrate on behalf of The Social Action Hub team and volunteers for the amazing work we do."

-Izzy Lawton

"It was really nice to see and speak to all the different organisations. It was an honour for The Social Supermarket to win this award."

-Georgia O'leary

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Your hard work is appreciated, if not always thanked. Rik


Absolutely amazing. Well done everyone

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