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5 ways of reducing food waste

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

1. Don't over buy. Keep track of what you've bought and used. WRAP suggests taking a 'shelfie' - a photo of your fridge and cupboards to remind you of what's there. 

2. Plan ahead. Think about what you're going to cook and how you'll use the leftovers. I planned in fortnightly cycles, but some might prefer weekly.

3. Love your freezer. Use your weekends to batch-cook and freeze. There's plenty of freezing tips in our guide

4. Get composting. Added to soil, compost if great for growing veg and herbs - even i you live in a flat. 

5. Reduce and recycle plastics!

Bottle Tops

UK Friends ~ You many know this already but we can now send our bottle tops for free via your local post office. Just pop them in the envelope or box with:

Freepost LUSH GREENHUB ♻️♻️♻️

LUSH says, "Every little helps when recycling plastic yes...

The scheme is domestic rather than business collections so if you could post the bottle tops in either an envelope or box, that would be great. Our bottle tops are melted down, pressed into board and made into useful things from wall cladding to furniture and beehives. They've even been used to make a play area at a refugee camp in France.

Click here to visit their Facebook and find out more....

Reduce the use of singe use plastics that are harmful to our environment

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